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#610 EX-POWER Interchangeable Series

#610 EX-POWER Interchangeable Series

These chucks are specially designed for application in CNC drill chucks with the highest engineering standards. The female thread inside the short type BT makes if firmly screwed together with CNC machine.

1.With integrated design, the drill chuck heads once screwed together with tool holder shank will never be disengaged from it.
2.Great rigidity due to the special design.
3.Excellent performance and erliability.
4.High duranility and easy to operate.
5.Superb accuracy is guaranteed because of 100%.

*All the drill chucks are capable combined with SK, ISO, BT, VDI, HSK tool holder.

Product Apps

Required number

Screw & Chuck Size: M8*8MM
Capacity mm: 0.3-8
Capacity inch: 1/64-5/16
Dimensions Closed A/mm: 71
DimensionsOpen B/mm: 63.8
Dimensions Sleeve D/mm: 37.5
Screw & Chuck Size: M8*13MM
Capacity mm: 0.3-13
Capacity inch: 1/64-1/2
Dimensions Closed A/mm: 92
DimensionsOpen B/mm: 79.5
Dimensions Sleeve D/mm: 50
Screw & Chuck Size: M8*16MM
Capacity mm: 3-16
Capacity inch: 1/8-5/8
Dimensions Closed A/mm: 103
DimensionsOpen B/mm: 91
Dimensions Sleeve D/mm: 57