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IMTEX FORMING Exhibition in India
By CHUMPOWER  2017/01/26
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IMTEX is a large-scale international professional exhibition organized by the Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers' Association (IMTMA). The exhibition is one of the largest metal forming exhibitions in the South Asian and South East Asian regions. Originally held once every three years, the exhibition is now organized annually and has two major themes. Themes on odd-numbered years are focused on metal cutting machines and tools while themes on even-numbered years are focused on metal forming machines and tools. Major exhibition items include tools, metal forming equipment, plastic forming equipment, and other forming equipment.

In the exhibition this time, CHUMPOWER was located at Booth B114 in the Exhibition Pavilion 1. With the exhibition attracting scores of visitors over the course of seven days, the booth was always packed with people so much so that the co-workers of the booth can only finish their meals in whatever time they can find. The CHUMPOWER products showcased in IMTEX have attracted a lot of attention, and many Indian buyers have expressed their interest, be it the clamps, chuck handles or the Pull Stud grippers.

With the professional team on site, CHUMPOWER was able to answer the queries of Indian buyers. Some of the clients also brought along their own tools in search of matching products. The CHUMPOWER Keyless Taper Series and hydraulic-powered tool are among the most popular products as they fit the requirements of most buyers. With the globally marketed CHUMPOWER machine tools and precision accessories, rich experiences and precision technology, and customizable high flexibility, CHUMPOWER can cater to the different demands of clients to serve as their best partner in machine tool solutions.

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